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PJ Powder Quality Policy

The management of PJ Powder LLC have defined and documented the following commitment to quality:    

  • To develop and maintain the processes needed to produce a level of service that is of a consistent standard of quality at a competitive price.  

  • To effectively communicate and maintain good relationships with customers, upholding a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.  

  • To continually improve upon the Quality Management System.  

  • To document and measure quality and service objectives through internal audit and management review.  

  • To deliver quality powder coating services in accordance with the specifications and requirements of our customers.  

  • That every employee constantly aims to improve the overall quality of the company services.   

By adopting these principles, the customers of PJ Powder LLC will be assured of an excellent standard of products and services in accordance with specifications and contracts.  Management has the ultimate responsibility to maintain the quality policy and convey its principles to company employees and vendors.

Certificates of Compliance

Certificates of Compliance are available upon request. All parts are processed in accordance with our Quality Management System. If you would like to schedule a review of our QMS please contact us to make arrangements.  

Color Codes and Lot numbers are provided for all powders used on each order.

Approved by ABB Technology Ltd. for ANSI 61 TYP 10 and ANSI 70


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