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Serving Central Florida's Powder Coating Needs Since 2009

PJ Powder LLC provides manufacturers and fabricators in the aerospace, defense, electronics, marine and medical equipment fields with quality powder coating services. We work closely with your company to help you achieve on time deliveries with an assurance that it will be right the first time. With our cleaning and pretreatment process you will enjoy a long service life out of your finished parts.

Batch Style Production

Our batch style powder coating setup allows for a great deal of versatility. Color changes are quicker and easier than on a conveyor and a large variety of shapes and sizes can be accommodated in a single run. You do not have to have many thousands of parts in order for it to be economical to powder coat them. We can help you from prototype to production.

We do not use automatic application equipment. A skilled PJ Powder technician coats each part individually, ensuring a careful and consistent powder coated finish to your entire order.


PJ Powder has a reputation for fast, attentive service. Contact us with an RFQ for your next powder coated project and see how we can assist you in delivering on-time, superior quality products to your customers.


Pretreatment And Masking

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What is Powder Coating

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